The Frontier

2000 years after the fall of the last great empire the world has arrived at a peaceful, if dangerous, balance. The last open war in the Western Kingdoms has come to an end through diplomacy, rather than conquest. Though the major cities and towns stand as points of civilization surrounded by mostly untamed wilderness trade is flourishing and people are beginning to expand out into the land once more.

Of all the kingdoms, Greyana represents the pinnacle of trade and commerce. Strategically positioned on the coast at the heart of Western lands, Greyana holds a strong position, even though it is neither the largest or most powerful kingdom.

6 months ago a ship of unfamiliar design appeared on the horizon from the East. Two small warships from Greyana intercepted the vessel. According to reports, the strange ship had noone on deck until the Greyanan ships came alongside. A single figure walked out onto the deck, completely cloaked in a brown, monk-like robe, black leather gloves, and an ornate, if odd, brass and gold mask. The naval ships escorted the strange visitor to the port.

According to reports, the newcomers are from an archipelagic nation to the East and wish to trade with the Western Kingdoms. They appear to be primarily interested in trading for magical items and residuum, which is a physical substance that contains magical energy, and are willing to give away precious metals and gems in exchange for them.

Coincidentally, approximately 1 year ago explorers from Greyana discovered extensive ruins from what they believe to be the Ancient Empire in the wilderness to the East of Greyana. The explorers brought back news that they had found ruins laden with magic items, precious metals, residuum, and perhaps more untold wonders.

It was decided that, with the help of Southwind Corporation, a prominent orginization of Greyanan merchants that profited heavily from the war between Rothen and Gelban, an outpost would be built to for exploration of extraordinary and extensive ruins, to collect the plentiful resources in the area, and to facilitate easier trade with the Easterners. This would effectively serve to give Greyana and the Southwind Corporation an advantage in dealing with the strange new arrivals.

Our story will begin as you arrive in the Spring a few months into the construction of the town known as Eastport.

On The Frontier

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