On The Frontier

DTH Entry #5

Rheed's Journal Medfruh 1st

So many things happening in such a short time here at Eastport. Aegis is completing construction of the hospital soon, the barracks for the meager town guard has completed. What now can be done from my perspective? The problems to the west are mounting with alarming speed, my only hope is that if they come they first break upon the tower, and that we can thin their ranks enough to push them back. I have an invitation to go east, but do I dare leave the town knowing the dangers that lie in wait? Sgt. Hull has been a good partner in dialogue these last few days. I am glad he lacks the shortsightedness of the other munthrek, it means his troops might be able to carry the day if someone attacks. For now I will continue to train and push for the construction of earthworks to thwart any attack from my newly discovered kaegro friends. Perhaps I can persuade a hunting expedition to thin their ranks.



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