On The Frontier

DTH Entry #7

Medfruh 19th,

The accursed metal is destroyed, thanks to some relatively quick thinking on the part of my compatriots and I. We have entered and egressed from the third city of Arkhosia, without much inspection unfortunately. I do believe we saw more of the city than originally anticipated as we did not try and fight our way in using more subterfuge than brute strength. the demonic dwarves who now reside in the city are down at least their high leader and perhaps his direct successor. the only other duergar in authority may actually prove to be something of an ally in the future if only we can keep lines of communication open to her. Then again our bargain was not entirely fulfilled, which may cause some problems with her in the future.

More importantly I witnessed the visage of the mighty champion while resting in the city. It is clear that His desire is to have me here with these people assisting them in the retrieval of keys. Perhaps more can be gleaned at other cities if only I could take a rest there. More information does seem to be letting out as we have acquired what appears to be an easterner. She is most off-putting calling into question my heritage. Apparently she has met others of my kind, where I am not sure but will be sure to find out. She also tells tale of a library in the very heart of Arkhosia which may lead us in the direction of the keys, now just to find the local of the central city.



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