On The Frontier

DTH Entry#6

Rheed's Journal Medfruh 7th

So much has happened recently, though it seems like I have said that a hundred times now. Moreover, there are enemies everywhere for us to face. The skeletal problem of the ruins of the Seventh City, armies of orcs to the west, armies of goblins to the west as well, Buck Mulligan meddling in affairs he has no idea of how to contain or deal with them, and now my home houses demonic metal. What’s more, I have learned that as a follower of Bahamut I have more enemies out there somewhere…past all those trees. Unfortunately I can’t see them. I have realized that I can only deal with the problems that are directly in front of me. I will look in the next few days to procure assistance in cleaning up the mess of Buck Mulligan, hoping that I will be able to take care of it before the skeleton hordes come to close to the town. I will be sending a copy of my current journal back home to give a glimpse of what is going on here. Hopefully I will get some response to my former queries soon.



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