On The Frontier

Ember Winters, Medfruh 2

What a long two days this has been. Crops have been poisoned, farmers have been misguided to set up their own nightly watches, Allister and Bill went missing, and a group of us went out to find them. I don’t even know where to begin, except to be thankful we found them alive. Allister seems to be healing quite nicely, very quickly, but poor Bill will need at least a few days. Mrs. Bill came by three times to sit by him. I assured her he will be more able to speak with her in the morning, so I expect she will return first thing. Poor woman. There’s nothing like almost losing a loved one to make a person reevaluate…

I’m working through today but I’m so dreadfully tired. Maynard has been a great help since the arrival of our patients this morning. He said he would take the next two shifts with them so I could get some rest. I also have a few folks to speak with, so his presence gives me leave to be out and about. First, though, I need some respite. A certain pillow is calling to me. I just hope I can keep my head until I get there…



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