• Allister


    A methotical thoughtful albeit excentric older human who spends much of his time helping the farmers of Eastport.
  • Amir Dehesh Verici

    Amir Dehesh Verici

    Human, Male, 6'2, 190 lbs, age 21. long black hair pulled back, dark eyes, friendly smile, slim features.
  • Callium Athalton Windfall-Fischal III

    Callium Athalton Windfall-Fischal III

    International Man of Leisure
  • Ember Winters

    Ember Winters

    Cleric of the Raven Queen - Embrace death, do not fear it. Death is inevitable and may only be delayed for a while.
  • Gelan


    A Longtooth Shifter Ranger
  • Kai Vadala

    Kai Vadala

    Merchant for Eastport, Kai Vadala always has a warm smile and a ready ear to listen to the problems of townsfolk. After all, you never know who might need that information...
  • Quintilla Esmerelda D'Bradyshaw

    Quintilla Esmerelda D'Bradyshaw

    A scholar-bard, Q made her way to the frontier after hearing about Greyana's ground-breaking discovery of ancient ruins and their decision to build up a town there.
  • Rheed


    Master Treasure hunter from Minotaur Nation
  • Xavier Malcolm

    Xavier Malcolm

    Sheriff of Eastport
  • The Garys

    The Garys

    Sheriff's Deputies of Eastport