Kai Vadala

Merchant for Eastport, Kai Vadala always has a warm smile and a ready ear to listen to the problems of townsfolk. After all, you never know who might need that information...


Kai Vadala could be described as a fetching young woman, but she would wrinkle her nose and laugh at you if she caught you saying it. With a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, Kai’s hazel eyes and ready smile betray her easy and happy nature. She is of average height, being nearly 5’6”, and tends to wear her chestnut hair in a single braid down her back or in a slightly askew bun. Never seen without a ring of several keys at her belt, Kai dresses in skirts or pants as the mood suits her.


An able merchant through and through, she is never without her inventory book – although her memory is quite adequate and she can recall most items in inventory without consulting the book. Kai’s store bears the name of Dry Goods, Assorted Oddities, & Other Necessities, and it is rapidly apparent that the name is quite fitting. While not precisely rare, Kai has managed to locate unusual items with regularity, and townsfolk have found that if they have a dire need for a particular item, Kai is always willing to assist in locating such things. Maybe a bolt of deepest green velvet shot through with silver threads or a clever little box with inlaid metals and a delicate locking mechanism for tiny treasures or perhaps a specialized weapon to stave off attacks from the R.O.U.S.s.

Despite a healthy business, Kai finds time to step out of her store at least three times a week and see if there are townsfolk who may need an item or two but haven’t the time to stop by and see her. Townsfolk have learned that Kai is quick with a smile and an offer of assistance if there is a particular item or two that they may need – even if they stop her on the street while on errands or after store hours. Kai makes a point to frequent Nigel’s Pub at least once a week; in spite of the halfling’s enthusiasm, she has come to appreciate (if not always enjoy) the music in the evenings.

Most of Kai’s relationships with townsfolk are amiable, if primarily professional. Those who have tried to strike up a conversation about their common homeland, Greyana, typically find that the conversation ends up in an entirely different area – and yet, they don’t remember how they ended up talking about the price of cheddar or the quality of wool from this year’s lambs.

Kai Vadala

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