Quintilla Esmerelda D'Bradyshaw

A scholar-bard, Q made her way to the frontier after hearing about Greyana's ground-breaking discovery of ancient ruins and their decision to build up a town there.


You’ll see Quintilla every night at Nigel’s Tavern, unless she’s off adventuring with her new friends. When you do see her, you notice that she’s, well, short. Really short. It’s pretty clear she’s a halfling. Her face is friendly, with sparkling brown eyes, and she has a mop of shortish, unruly auburn curls ((OOC: think Merry-and-Pippin style)). In her down time, you’ll often see her at a corner table at Nigel’s, surrounded by books and notes; when she’s out and about, she always has a backpack. Her backpack for adventuring is about half her size, but the backpack she wears around town is much smaller and would carry a few books, a flute, and have room for a few small purchases if necessary. She dresses well enough to not look shabby, but by no means is she fancy.

Recently you’ve noticed that a large, gleamingly iridescent black raven accompanies her. He sings harmony when she performs at Nigel’s and makes himself a bit of a nuisance when she’s about town.


Quintilla Esmerelda D’Bradyshaw grew up going to work with her dad. Her dad happens to be the Head Librarian at the largest library in the known world, which was founded by his father in turn. Because she could never be a librarian (only males can be librarians), Q happily studied everything she could get her hands on. She still does.

Quintilla Esmerelda D'Bradyshaw

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