Xavier Malcolm

Sheriff of Eastport


:: IMPORTANT NOTE, Xavier is FAR more charismatic than I have been playing him, I am apparently bad at expressing this but feel that it should be known. I will be trying to fix this in game, but just as an FYI::

Xavier Malcolm is the new sheriff of Eastport. His known back story is that he is the second son of Baron Malcolm of Greyana ’s North Coast region. The hamlet that he is from, Gildingland, is one of the further reaches of the realm that few of the commoners would have ever been able to travel to but is noted as one of the best wine regions of the mainland.

Being the second born to a noble family he was given all of the upbringing of the first born, but instead of entering the clergy as his father had hoped and suggested he instead has used his maternal grandmother’s vast connections to instead receive an appointment through the Southwind Corporation (below) to be a sheriff to a frontier town.

While Xavier’s family is wealthy, he is not exactly well traveled in comparison to many on the frontier. After a foiled kidnapping/ransom attempt on his older brother, his father decreed that his family would only stick to known areas within Gildingland where the family’s vast influence could keep them better protected. As a habit, Xavier liked to go against his father’s decrees and began traveling shortly after his brother’s assault, although the reasons behind the trips seem to be nothing but cause trouble and irritate his father.

Within Gildingland, Xavier’s name is known well known. Rumors tell of him as an upstart who shirks the established norms and traditions (mostly based on his own father’s gossip). He worked for a while on the local vineyards despite his father’s protests of it being improper. He trained with daggers, short swords and crossbows instead of the traditional fencing and riding lessons. He also might have had some run ins with the law in several different towns, although he never does more than allude to it… rumors seem to say that his father always paid both for his release and compensation of injuries. Children are often told cautionary tales against mischief with the last line of the story being “Xavier escaped punishment because he bought his way out, can you afford the same?” If questioned more about this Xavier gives a wry smile and changes the subject…

As a note, most of this story would be pieced together from separate conversations or rumors as Xavier seems to become a bit detached and forlorn when he speaks about Gildingland too long, so he rarely divulges much about it at a time.

While working as Sheriff he seems to have an upfront approach where situations are diffused before some even know they are taking place. He is constantly on patrol during the day and sometimes just after dusk (although his evening walks are less interactive with the public). On his daily rounds he makes a point to see every merchant in town and check in on their take of the news of the day. He also seems to make a point to note down any of their concerns on a note pad that he always has on hand.

Despite the growing number of citizens; crimes and scraps outside the pub seem to stay about the same… although there is a visible toll being taken on Xavier’s sleeping habits.

Xavier also seems to lack the ability to cook as he is typically found in Nigel’s tavern 2-3 times a day.

Xavier Malcolm

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