Callium Athalton Windfall-Fischal III

International Man of Leisure


Devilishly handsome with an unparalleled charm. Callium stands just under six feet in height with boyish good looks that make it difficult to ascertain his true age. Through his extensive worldly travel Callium has amassed an impressive collection of all the most fashionable looks from around the world and never fails to impress with his attire.

Callium is rakish and slightly foppish with a discernible edge of danger just at the corner of the watching eye.

Deputy Mayor Windfall-Fischal III: Callium With Periwig

International Man of Leisure: Callium dressed down


Callium Athalton Windfall-Fischal III of the Brightinghamptonson Windfall-Fischals is next in a long line of the highly powerful, wealthy and connected family. While his two older brothers hold the largest stock in family affairs Callium has been free to travel abroad in style taking in sights and adventures from around the known world.

With the fiscal backing of his family Callium has enjoyed his status as an International Man of Leisure since he was a young lad of only fourteen years. In that time he has established a fantastic rapport with men, women and beasts at all levels of power and society making his own network of friends and business associates. Though he is not privy to the daily ministrations of his family’s business, Callium, as if from spite of his brothers, has made his own name with not only high society but the seedy underbelly of the world.

As a “Facilitator of Transactions” Callium would balk if you used the word “Middle-man” though would not despise you for not knowing any better. A hands-on negotiator and never one to get his own hands dirty, Callium can always locate someone who will... for cheaper and in half the time. His easy, laid back attitude (and generous amounts of coin), endear him instantly to those he meets and he insists on meeting simply EVERYONE.

Callium Athalton Windfall-Fischal III

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