A methotical thoughtful albeit excentric older human who spends much of his time helping the farmers of Eastport.


Druid Lvl 2 AC 17 w/ Hide armor. Fort 15 Reflex 14 Will 17 33Hp Ritual Casting/Alchemist


Allister is a average man in most peoples eyes. He is 5’10” tall and has hair that is quickly graying. He lives outside of the town of Eastport where he brews and creates numerous healing salves herbal remedies tinctures and salves for all the people in the town in need of his natural form of healing. He never seems to be armed with more than a dagger or walking staff but emits a self assurance that often puts others at ease. Given the large scar on his hand and his weathered face its clear to everyone he has lived a tough life and is very much at home on his own.

Allister travels to town every other day to check on the goings on and to check on the workers he has given treatment to. Though he is very relieved to have a priest in the town to give the types of aid ordained by the gods. Al is under no illusion that that kind of divine aid is sometimes required and more help than his human and natural ability.


In town Allister has two close friends Nigel the Barkeep. If anyone asked why Al never pays for his first round of good stuff you’ll find its cause he provides a number of the ingredients to make the good stuff, good stuff. Wilmac a camp laborer. It doesn’t matter what else Al is in town for he always drops in to see these two.

Kai Al is fond of Kai and he general store. He knows that while a shewed business woman she has the towns interest at heart. Mostly cause she knows her pockets will grow as the town grows. She is very sly and good at what she does.

Q Q is an odd one. She has an insatiable interest in learning all she can about everything. An admirable trait, though, she seems to do so recklessly and often at great personal risk. This one will need watching over for sure. She is so talented it would be a terrible loss to the town should harm befall her.

CAW3 Al still isn’t sure about this one he seems mostly harmless though he brings a strange and wild element to this town that needs discipline and structure. He and his very bizarre companion can be trusted to help when its needed but their effect on Eastport may not be a positive one.

Sheriff Xavier Al knows this man has the hardest job in town. He not only has to deal with maintaining the order between the towns people but also has to deal with outside threats. Al thinks it might be time to offer his help to the sheriff if he should need it.

Ember Al has a very positive regard to Ember and her presence in the town. He hopes she will be able to give guidance to the towns people and bring some divine aid to area so far removed from the rest of the world.

Amir Amir is a very strange man. One dedicated to the meticulous study of magic and how to make it work. Yet, not so focused as to ward himself up in a school or tower but instead comes to the frontier to make a niche and operating a bank no less. Very odd. very odd indeed.

Rheed A Dragonborn… here… very strange. Though his connection to the ruins has been and I’m sure will be instrumental in the future. He has been a great help in the surveying and researching the ruins that litter this area. I hope he will be able to continue to shed insight into their past and their sudden reemergence.

Aegis A metal man. Surely created in accordance to nature but yet so far removed from all that seems to be natural. Great cause to be cautious around this one. He seems lost and unsure of what has transpired in the past leading to the present age. What he recalls could be a blessing or a curse for the town and its people.

Daniel A loner he values his privacy and is best to be approached with caution. He is no threat to the town and knows the area better than most. He is a good friend and resolute warrior.

Visiting Allister Travel to his home is rough as there are no warn paths. Winding game trails and creek beds make up most of the clear travel. It takes about 2.5hrs just to walk to and find Allister’s home. Once near his home its easy to over look. often mistaken for thick tall overgrowth Allister has surrounded his home with a tall wall of various creeping plants. Some are sharp brambles some are flowering aromatics and others still are evergreen and keep the concealment year round. There is a man sized break in this foliage on the south side of the wall where an over grown gate is placed between two oak trees. With careful observation one can see that Allister chose a large natural grove around a burm on which to build his home.

Inside the wall there are beautiful well kept gardens. Herbs and aromatic plans are growing in very organized areas with labels on any apparently fallow areas. Two Adirondack chairs and a cozy bench await anyone who takes the time to stop by and visit.

The door to Allister’s hut has a small door built into the center of the bottom door. It flaps gently as he door opens or closes. No doubt for that ragged black hound that Al can never seem to track down. As you enter the short wall to the right has a fireplace that consumes most of the wall. The opening to this fireplace is at least 8’ wide and 4’ tall at the center. In front of the fireplace is a chair and a pile of various pelts on a bundle of hay. In the fireplace there are numerous hooks of different lengths and many pots of multiple sizes hanging at different heights from the flames. The cent of the hut is taken up by a table that seems to be built right into the ground. The tables long flat surface is covered buy boxes and bundles of herbs and plants. Along the wall with the door in it sits another table consumed by an alchemists work. Vials, scrolls, and various liquids of all color and thickness line the table top.

The long wall opposite the door has bars and hooks roof to 4’. At 3’ the wall is all shelves stuffed with many odds and ends. The rear wall has the most out of place items. There is a shield and sword hung next to a pitch fork and cart wheel. with a little insight it looks like something belongs between them but is missing.


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