Ember Winters

Cleric of the Raven Queen - Embrace death, do not fear it. Death is inevitable and may only be delayed for a while.


Human name: Ember Winters
Elven name: Aemornial Winterspring
Full name: Ember Aemornial Winterspring

Ember hails from a long line of half elves. She has a bit of an ethnic look and dresses simply on a normal day. She exhibits a wisdom beyond her years, but still maintains a lightness about her. She is quite graceful, except when wakened in the wee hours of the morning, and is physically stronger than she looks.


Ember Winters arrived to town carrying a mostly empty backpack and a small potted plant. Accompanied by her well-behaved white dog, Tater, she immediately stopped by the tavern to slurp down an ale and grab a quick sandwich. Next she and her assistant, Maynard, proceeded to set up a clinic tent outside the workers’ encampment. After treating a few minor wounds, she ventured back into town proper to meet the town well-to-dos.

Upon meeting her, one may remark upon her flawless olive skin or her wide, white smile and minty fresh breath, but most people take particular notice of her deep black eyes with red flecks that seem to glow in the sunlight (hence her parents’ apt choice in naming her). She has an easy, carefree manner, and lets her black wavy hair float free about her shoulders.

As a healer and cleric, Ember is a bit of a dichotomy: she is well-respected and well-liked, but dances the fine line between respect for life and respect for death. Her style of patient care seems congenial from afar (she touches her patients and listens intently), but when it comes to diagnosis and treatment, she is all business.

Often described as pragmatic, fair, and mild-mannered, Ember is a great boss, though her assistant, Maynard, finds her a bit morbid at times. Having worked for other healers before (ask him about the overly-emotional crying tyrant healer from his last town and he can keep you entertained for hours), Maynard will tell you even in private that he could not be happier to work in such a professional environment. Maynard is a 30 year old human of medium height; he’s slightly overweight (from lack of manual labor), and is thought of by Ember as her perfect compliment. He is charismatic, clean, and works hard to ensure the clinic is an inviting place.


Though she hasn’t looked at herself in a mirror in what must be months, a mirror hangs over her workspace to ensure she can keep a keen eye on the door as she works on salves and organizes the supplies. She believes personal cleanliness is the key to health and makes sure the workers’ encampment has plenty of bathing areas.

She is easy going and likeable, but you may find that she has very little patience for drama.

Ember Winters

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