On The Frontier

Ember Winters, Session 10/24

I am so very tired. This last journey through the depths of the 7th City was taxing. I must be careful to avoid another situation like what happened when I fell. I take upon myself the care of so many and I cannot afford another mistake.

In my recent pursuits, I learned to take the injuries of others upon myself. I must be especially careful in dangerous times to use this power wisely and to keep a vigilant watch over my comrades. I sense a split among them and I don’t know how much longer things will hold. One of us is lost and he may be beyond my grasp. If I can just find him in the fog… or, perhaps he does not want to be found.

DTH Entry #4
Rheed's 4th Journal Entry

Tired, so very tired. My thought to bring along my new found friends was a shaking experience to say the least. I think that most of them lack all tactical skill, save Ember who has been like a guardian angel to me. Far to much complaining from the back of the room when things look bleak in the front. I look forward to more solo encounters in the near future, at least once I recover my strength. Being the shield of a group of adventurers is a thankless job to say the least, certainly not enough true warriors to protect such a large group. Why is everyone so afraid of engaging their enemy? Some seek it out to much like Allister, but the others…had they not already proven some mettle to me I would call them cowards. Reaping the benefits of my shield to drink deep of the essence of what I believe to be my homeland. For if my egg did not come from here then where? My lord Bahamut has his foundations here even though the curse of her covers his holy markings.

Who shall I look to in the future to assist me? Kai, Amir, and Callium all appear to be sell swords though I owe Callium at least something. Allister has gone mad believing it possible to just run past my shield. The tin man is a mystery wrapped in a coward, one would think a leader of a men would be more forward, but yet he slinks around the background looking for an opportunity to pilfer whatever is possible. Q seems more interested in their research than focusing on the task at hand. Ember is another riddle, she seems interested in my past but I have nothing to tell her that she could not already acertain. Hopefully everyone will have a chance to prove their mettle again.

Community Tenets Posted

One day, you notice there are neatly crafted signs posted in a few, select locations. Upon closer examination, you read:

Community Tenets

Written for and by the Citizens of Eastport

1. Celebrate your life

2. Practice humility and integrity

3. Seek to enrich the lives of others

4. Aim to resolve conflict with and among your neighbors

5. Earn the devotion and respect of others through responsible action

DTH Entry #3
Rheed's Entry #3

My friends seem to be rather accepting of me, and this has allowed me to trust them all slightly more. Aegis and I have finished the home, it is strong and will keep us protected from more than just the elements. I feel a strange kinship to Aegis, almost a parental feel for both of us. I will look out for him as we may be the last of our kind. The townsfolk have reverted to the politics that I have been warned about in the past. Humans are very strange, why don’t they just work like we do. Not for the gain of the few, but for the good of the many. Allow a group of leaders to lead where one might falter. Strength in numbers, but who am I to judge. There is a new treasure hunter in town named Buck Mulligan, and he has brought with him a crew of people to do what I alone have been doing. I may need more help if I am to wrest any of my peoples artifacts away from him. I have already began my investigations in the seventh city(as Aegis calls it). He tells me it is not only vast in land area but deep as well. My initial inspection of the area tells me that I must watch my step. Aparently there are kobolds in the area who may have traps laying about, as well as a fissure I almost stepped into. I also found a few entrances which lead into the depths of the city. I will look to my new compatriots and see if they wish to come with me into the areas of study.

Shards of Thought #2
Aegis Journal #2


A word for the place.

A word for the action.

Tedious work.

One, then another, then another.

Measure and cut.

Lift and carry.

Tedious work.

Break stone and hew wood.

Hammers and axes.

Break bone.

Hew flesh.

Crush, grind, tear.

Fall. Fall. Fall.


Build it up.

Won’t fall.





Ember Winters, Thoughts on Rheed

I’m not sure what is happening, but I hear from the townsfolk that the cloaked fighter I know as Rheed is really a great lizardman. I believe this to be true because of the multitude of accounts that a lizardman walked into town with Aegis. Given Aegis’ likely inability to make new friends paired with Rheed’s peculiar penchant for covering every square inch of flesh, it makes sense that Rheed and this lizardman are the same being. I have yet to see him for myself, but I am very curious as to his history. There are so many questions that will have to go unasked. Only his reaction to the baby in Aegis’ arms as found in the ruins is beginning to make sense. The rest is… uncertain.

I will work hard to make Rheed feel accepted. But I will work even harder to help him to actually be accepted.

The townsfolk are fearful. Fear is dangerous. Much work to be done.

The Wish List

There’s a piece of paper posted on the front door of Dry Goods, Assorted Oddities, and Other Necessities with the title “The Wish List”. Kai has posted it at some point overnight for the townsfolk to write down items which they’d like to have shipped in from Greyana. There is a small piece of charcoal on the windowsill to write down new items on the paper.

There’s a short note on the bottom of the paper that reads:

You have until sunset to write down your Wishes.

Shards of Thought #1
Aegis Journal #1

Is this the world we were promised?

The war is over, or so it seems.

The kingdom is lost, or so it seems.

Sweet Aliara is lost. The intruders said the words to make it right. Nothing more I can do.

Failure on all counts.

The others are lost. I feel some, but they are not near.

Others are gone.

Cannot remember much. Feel lessened, somehow.

Alone. Almost.

Rheed. Interesting. Lost. Scared. Knows little or nothing. Have they fallen so far?

Priestess of Death. Confusion. Wonder. Sees an object, not a man.

Shiny Star. Corrupted sign of Her? Reconnoiter. 5 Heads. Destroy.

Mage. Useful. Cautious. Tactical.

Town they say. Hide they say.


Think about circles. Why here? Why now?

The enemy.

The weapon.

Sentry. Guard. Be aware.

Watch. Wait. Watch. Wait. Watch. Wait.

Ember Winters, Reflection on Aegis

I cannot help but speculate about the _ (man? being? thing?) we met in the ruins. Rheed is keeping him (is this a “him”? how can he be a he without the things that make a man a man?). He is made of metal. How can this be? How does he move with no heart and no muscle and no blood? What magics are these that form a metal man who apparently feels (or does he?)? What is his purpose if not life? He certainly does not fit the current medical definition of life. Does he mimic life? Was he made to fight? And then what? Can he relate to others who are unlike him? Can he sense or understand any purpose but his own? He seems to know anger, can he know happiness? Can he know calm? Can he trust? Can he calculate?

Too many questions. Need answers. Must observe.

DTH Log Entry #2
Rheed Journal Game 2

It’s been about a week here in the surrounding areas of Eastport. I have found myself a domicile which will soon be able to keep me out of the elements, and hopefully away from the prying eyes of the town. With the recent discoveries of Aegis and the possibility to find what I have been searching my whole life for looming, I must admit I am confused about what to do. I feel as though I am put into a crossroads am and lost which way to walk. I have resolved to no longer hide who I am anymore, that much is clear. What to do with this most recent information however is something of a quandry. Do I forsake my original mission given to me by the Elders or follow a new path? At least now have an idea of who my enemy is, though they seem to have long since gone with the ancient civilization. I will at least have to continue my search for more artifacts and information.


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