Tag: NPC


  • Nigel Bruce

    Nigel Bruce is the bartender, proprietor, and bouncer for [[Nigel's Tavern]], one of the first structures built in the town of [[Eastport]]. Though it serves mostly workers from the town and other locals, it is also the most likely place for adventurers, …

  • Mark Sinclair

    Mark Sinclair is the current Lord Governor of [[Eastport]]. He was appointed on the 15th of [[Calendar|Yunner]] and arrived in town two weeks later. He lives on the second floor of the [[Eastport Town Hall]] with his son David.

  • Buck Mulligan

    Buck Mulligan is the leader of the [[Greyana|Greyanan]] exploration team in [[Eastport]]. He's fairly young and clearly well educated. He wears fine clothing and always carries a black cane with a silver knob and silver inlay. Although he acts smooth …

  • Albert Hull

    Sergeant Albert Hull is the ranking member of the Greyanan troops currently stationed in [[Eastport]].

  • Adalinda

    The leader of the kobolds of the [[Seventh City | Seventh City]]. A slightly larger female kobold who has small wing-i-lings. She is a much darker shade of green that the other kobolds which may signify an older more experienced warrior. She wields …

  • Justin Blake

    Justin Blake is the town crier for the town of [[Eastport]]. He was hired by [[Mark Sinclair|Mayor Mark Sinclair]] on the 21st of Yunfruh in the town's first year.

  • Master Smith Kedhira

    Kedhira is the [[Forge Captain]] of the duergar living in the [[Third City]]. She is a Master Smith who in currently in control of the ancient forges within the [[Third City]]. According to her own story, several of her children were killed by an ill- …