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  • Greyana

    The third largest nation in the [[Western Kingdoms]] is Greyana. A nation built out of hard work and commerce, Greyana prides itself on maintaining good deplomatic relations with other kingdoms. Greyana is ruled by the [[Parliament of Nine]], a group of …

  • Gelban

    Gelban is a large country ruled by so-and-so. In the southern area, they speak Australian. Mates. In North Gelban, there lies a community called [[Parooga Pass]]. Southern Gelban is renowned for the famous Matanya's Vineyard which produces the …

  • Morass

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION One of Morass' greatest assets is its library. The library is the largest and most comprehensive collection in the known world, and is still growing. Player Characters from this kingdom: * Quintilla Esmerelda D'Bradyshaw

  • Stone Tower

    Named for the ancient ruin that stands at the center of the famous [[Academy of Magicks]], Stone Tower is located between [[Morass]], [[Gelban]], and the [[Minotaur Nation]]. Mostly populated by elves and their Eladrin cousins, Stone Tower is widely …

  • Minotaur Nation

    In spite of what it is called by the other kingdoms, the name "Minotaur Nation" is misleading in its entirety. Rather than a whole kingdom, it is a confederation of tribal villages and small towns that share a common reverence for the primal spirits of …

  • Eastern Kingdom

    This page will include any information discovered by the characters regarding the Eastern Kingdom from which the stranger Easterners have come.