Eastern Wilderness

Far to the east of most of the Western Kingdoms major cities lies the great expanse of the Eastern Wilderness. Little is know outside of the Stone Tower and the Minotaur Nation save stories that savage humanoids have established residence throughout it.

Though the fey may have some insight as to the routes through the wilderness to get to Eastport no direct routes are know to exist. Adventurers from the west have tried for hundreds of years to make gains into the woods only to find their efforts stymied by magical means. What appear to be roads or paths leading into the depths of the forest going for miles lead out on the very same position originally entered. Recently a group comprised of members of every kingdom sent an expedition into the woods. Weeks later 3 of the expedition returned with stories of an ancient empire covered over by thousands of years. Greyana seized the initiative and began plans for a city on the other side of the forest, called Eastport.

From Eastport the forest dominates the land path home. It is widely whispered by the townsfolk that drums can be heard from the fringes. Some of this is dismissed as nothing more than scare stories to keep laborers from striking out into the rich ruins. Others have said that the orcs and goblins make designs in the night to sweep through the town for slaves.

Recently there have been reports of strange scaly dog creatures in the woods that train other magical creatures which have recently attacked the town. Also there are whispers that a huge creature lurks in the forest watching anytime anyone gets close enough to the city which produced Aegis. This has gotten the townsfolk ever more afraid of the woods.

Eastern Wilderness

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