This page will record any information revealed about the Easterners.

The Easterners wear fully concealing brown “monk-like” robes, black gloves, and intricate brass and gold masks. They have not yet been seen without their coverings and have neither volunteered to take them off, nor offered an explanation for them (at least to the characters’ knowledge).

The Easterners speak common with an odd accent. They typically speak in strange metaphors and riddles which can be hard to decipher, or else answer simply with single words and no explanation. The only commonly known example of their speech is the phrase spoken to the Captain of one of the ships from Greyana: “Our paths approach and cannot remain apart. In crossing neither path can continue. Unity, to prevent the destruction of both, and perhaps of all.”

They seem willing to trade heavily in precious metals and gems for residuum.

According to Tabitha, the Easterners do not have malevolent motives. They are interested in collecting residuum and in the location of an ancient library.


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