Presently it is home to the famous International Man of Leisure: Callium Athalton Windfall-Fischal III and his world renowned Yurt.

Shops include:

Kai Vadala's [[Dry Goods, Assorted Oddities, & Other Necessities | Dry Goods, Assorted Oddities, & Other Necessities]]

Hospital of the Raven Queen currently doctored by Ember Winters

The First Bank of Eastport run by the number crunching Amir Dehesh Verici

Nigel Bruce runs a tavern known as simply Nigel's, where you too can get The Good Stuff.

Town Government:

Sheriff’s Office which is the office of law and order in town run by Xavier Malcolm

The Lord Governor of the town is Mark Sinclair

Town Guard Barracks which is currently commanded by Albert Hull


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