Gelban is a large country ruled by so-and-so.

In the southern area, they speak Australian. Mates.

In North Gelban, there lies a community called Parooga Pass.

Southern Gelban is renowned for the famous Matanya’s Vineyard which produces the world’s finest wines including their signature Melban Aulden Yellow.

Hinderstville, located in central Gelban just two days ride south from the Gelban Capital, has also developed its own renown, although with a dubious distinction for raucous parties and seedy slums. The south-centrally located town became a perfect destination for Gelban Generals to send their soldiers on leave passes to allow them safety from the front lines without being too far away to not be quickly recalled in an emergency. With large numbers of soldiers passing through Hinderstville regularly on furlough the demand for entertainment rose sharply leading to relatively large numbers of brothels, taverns and game halls opening to meet the soldier’s needs. As result the town is known for it’s debauchery including the infamous story of Lord Aremysis who is said to have committed every worldly sin against the gods in one night in Hinderstville.

A number of Gelban soldiers and spies are currently wanted by Rothen, per the peace accord, for war crimes.


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