The third largest nation in the Western Kingdoms is Greyana. A nation built out of hard work and commerce, Greyana prides itself on maintaining good deplomatic relations with other kingdoms. Greyana is ruled by the Parliament of Nine, a group of Ministers elected by the people to serve a term of 10 years. Though an individual may only be chosen once in their lifetime, the position of Minister is highly respected and an individual that has served is expected to continue as a leader in their community. The members of the Parliament of Nine are often chosen from the owners of the many businesses, trade guilds, and corporations that operate in Greyana. With extensive commercial production of goods to go along with their abundant trade, it is no wonder that Grey, the capitol city, is one of the two largest cities in the Western Kingdoms. There are still some old grudges between Greyana and Stone Tower, which continue due to competition in the magic item trade.

Unusually, Greyana has no significant standing military outside of a small volunteer militia and the usual town guards. The nation rarely gets involved in conflicts between other kingdoms, though several Greyanan corporations secretly supplied arms and magic to Gelban in their recent conflict with Rothen. While that conflict has settled down with the marriage of the Prince of Gelban to the Princess of Rothen, some merchants in Greyana would say that it’s only a matter of time before the two sides find a reason to go to war again.

With two large port towns, merchant fleets, and a small navy, Greyana has significant control on the sea. They trade with Rothen, Gelban, and the Gull Islands. Greyana claims the small island off its coast called Windwhisper Island as part of the kingdom, and one of it’s largest merchant corporations, Southwind Corporation, is based there as well.

With its access to the Eastern Wilderness, Greyana is also a favored home for adventurers, explorers and prospectors. About 15 years ago they were involved in a conflict with a cluster of barbarian tribes in the wilderness and they continue to have issues with monsters and feral tribes in the wilderness.

Greyana holds primary responsibility for the frontier town of Eastport, which they built to exploit the extensive ancient ruins found there and for improved trade with the strange Easterners that they recently encountered.

In the east of Greyana near the Eastern Wilderness is the city of Felnora.


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