Minotaur Nation

In spite of what it is called by the other kingdoms, the name “Minotaur Nation” is misleading in its entirety. Rather than a whole kingdom, it is a confederation of tribal villages and small towns that share a common reverence for the primal spirits of nature. It is also the oldest “nation” in the Western Kingdoms, having been formed in its earliest version within a few years of the fall of the Ancient Empire. The minotaurs and several other races had been enslaved by the ancients to serve in a variety of different functions under the thumb of the their rule.

According to the minotaur shamans, it was their ancestors that first rebelled against the ancients and, when the Empire collapsed, it was their leaders who organized the first settlements. These settlements evolved over time into what the other Western Kingdoms refer to as the Minotaur Nation. The varied tribes contain the greatest racial diversity of any kingdom, including minotaurs, humans, goliaths, wood elves, shifters, dwarves, and even eladrin. Their people follow ancient tribal laws and revere the balance of nature.

While there is no specific seat of power in the Minotaur Nation the largest collaboration of shamans are seated in the settlement of Tauros. The conclave has a collection of all the different races shamans, and it is seen as culturally important to include them in all matters regarding matters of “state”. They are primarily responsible for asking permission of the primal spirits to bless all endeavors that Minotaur Nation is taken upon.

Far from xenophobic, most villages are welcoming of those that come in peace, though they are fierce in battle. Unlike the other kingdoms, they do not fear the Eastern Wilderness and their influence extends into it beyond their known borders. They are even said to have connections with feral orcs and goblins that live there. The tribal peoples also produce incredible feats of agriculture and trade heavily with Greyana, Morass, and Gelban.

The Minotaur Nation has a history of dispute with Stone Tower with regard to mining operations in the mountains north of those lands. Miners from Stone Tower have been using powerful magic and alchemy to blast holes in the earth. In contrast, the Minotaur Nation village of Rel uses magical stoneshaping techniques to commune with the natural spirits and extract valuable minerals; a lengthy and draining process. A few incidents between the two peoples have resulted in violence.

Minotaur Nation

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