Stone Tower

Named for the ancient ruin that stands at the center of the famous Academy of Magicks, Stone Tower is located between Morass, Gelban, and the Minotaur Nation. Mostly populated by elves and their Eladrin cousins, Stone Tower is widely known as the home of incredibly skilled wizards, sorcerors, and for the production of all manner of magical items. Though their magical skills are coveted and respected, their diplomacy is considered to be lacking by other kingdoms.

Stone Tower is ruled by the Archchancellor of the Academy of Magicks, always one of the most powerful magic users in the kingdom. The position is often filled by haughty and, apparantly, self-important individuals who have little concern for the finer points of diplomatic relations. The current Archchancellor seems to think that the power wielded by Stone Tower gives them the right to behave as they please. This has resulted in a number of diplomatic problems.

The first of these is little more than a rivalry. Stone Tower and Greyana compete heavily in the commercial arena of magic items; Stone Tower currently has the upper hand due to the availability of wizards trained to synthesize magical energy, requiring less raw material for production. This situation may change, however, given the new sources of residuum discovered by Greyana and the proximity of their new town Eastport to these resources.

The second problem that Stone Tower is facing is their seemingly imminent conflict with the Minotaur Nation regarding magical methods of mining in the Northern Mountains. While the Stoneshapers of the Minotaur Nation are able to extract minerals by speaking to the spirits of the mountain, a time-consuming and difficult process. The miners of Stone Tower use powerful spells to literally explode chunks of the mountains and collect the resources that are revealed. Some small skirmishes have even broken out and there appears to be no end of the conflict in sight.

Stone Tower

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