A Warforged whose arm was located in a goblin cave. According to Aegis a heavy rod located there also belongs to him and is part of one of Valor’s components.

“Valor. More accepted by your kind. By [various words in draconic]. Not alone in battle. Surrounded by soldiers. Clever mind. Tactical mind. Sees patterns. Leading a charge.”

He seems almost uncomfortable recollecting.

“His words. Aegis, Fury, Ghost, gain their trust. Lead them. He was different. Something in him. Never fully, but more accepted.”

He tucks the arm carefully back under his own.

“He also did not succeed. How many others did not?”

Aegis bows his head.

Quintilla, Ember, Amir, Kai, and Adalinda found Valor thanks to a tip from Adalinda’s scouts. He is badly damaged, missing his arm, one foot, and one leg, and was chained and in the custody of goblins. His mind seems as damaged as his body; he fades in and out of lucidity, screaming battle orders when he is not lucid.

A lock holding his chains tight around his chest summoned a half-orc woman who had been meeting with Captain Khof (sp?), and who referred to Valor as her people’s god. The party attempted to woo her to their side instead of Khof’s, but the approach of 30 orcs (goblins? can’t remember) caused Valor to order the party to retreat.


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