On The Frontier

DTH Entry #4

Rheed's 4th Journal Entry

Tired, so very tired. My thought to bring along my new found friends was a shaking experience to say the least. I think that most of them lack all tactical skill, save Ember who has been like a guardian angel to me. Far to much complaining from the back of the room when things look bleak in the front. I look forward to more solo encounters in the near future, at least once I recover my strength. Being the shield of a group of adventurers is a thankless job to say the least, certainly not enough true warriors to protect such a large group. Why is everyone so afraid of engaging their enemy? Some seek it out to much like Allister, but the others…had they not already proven some mettle to me I would call them cowards. Reaping the benefits of my shield to drink deep of the essence of what I believe to be my homeland. For if my egg did not come from here then where? My lord Bahamut has his foundations here even though the curse of her covers his holy markings.

Who shall I look to in the future to assist me? Kai, Amir, and Callium all appear to be sell swords though I owe Callium at least something. Allister has gone mad believing it possible to just run past my shield. The tin man is a mystery wrapped in a coward, one would think a leader of a men would be more forward, but yet he slinks around the background looking for an opportunity to pilfer whatever is possible. Q seems more interested in their research than focusing on the task at hand. Ember is another riddle, she seems interested in my past but I have nothing to tell her that she could not already acertain. Hopefully everyone will have a chance to prove their mettle again.



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