On The Frontier

Loot List, Game Day 10/24

Some items have not been divvied up yet, but most have an owner as indicated below.

150 gold coins
Bag of gems
Red gem worth 50gp
Priceless mechanical tools
History books (some in draconic, one in primal, a few in arcane), split between Q and Rheed
Ancient scripture books – Bahamut and Ioun?, annointed in oil, split between Q and Rheed
Bag of holding – CAWF3
Boots of the Dryad – allocated to Phil’s character
Hand crossbow bracer – Aegis
+1 shortsword – Xavier
Belt of something – Ember
+1 Cloth Armor – CAWF3
Door of alarm – Amir
Delver’s leather armor – Kai
Veteran’s chain armor – Ember
Wand of Magic Missiles – Amir
Uber Holy Symbol – Rheed
Uber Holy Symbol – Ember
+1 dagger – CAWF3
6 vials of residuum – spoken for by Kai, Ember, Amir, Rheed, Xavier, CAWF3
3 Ritual Books (2 Amir a lvl 3 and a Floating Disc, 1 Ember lvl 4)
3 large shields (annointed in oil) – 1 goes to Rheed
1 small shield (annointed in oil) – Quintilla
Short bow of Thunder? – Quintilla
+1 Medic’s dagger – Ember
2 broken platinum Bahamut statues – Rheed
+1 sword – Kai

Still waiting on word from the DM as to the value of the bag of gems. Once that is determined, I assume we will split the money and gems among the party… Sound off!


Ember is assuming the mechanical tools will go to Aegis if he can use them… any problems with that?

Loot List, Game Day 10/24

I would agree with most all of this, I do need to look at the Boots of the Dryad for their magical properties which I may want for something. As far as money I would insist that it be divided.

Loot List, Game Day 10/24

Edit: Alex changed the +1 quick dagger to a +1 sword, per discussion of usefulness re: Kai’s skill sets.

Loot List, Game Day 10/24

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