Aegis is a Warforged by the party amidst the ancient ruins of the Seventh City. Though his memories are fragmented, he is clearly some kind of soldier or weapon from the Ancient Empire. He is extremely strong and resilient and does not require sleep or food. He speaks slowly and carefully, and at first may come across as disdainful of most humanoid races. Hius voice is deep and powerful, and his manner of speaking often carries an intimidating air that reminds listeners of how alien and powerful he is. This may have been intentional on the part of his creator.

Aegis was left in the care of Rheed because the party was concerned about bringing him into town, and he was essential in the reconstruction of the watchtower.

Aegis earned the trust of the party and the people of Eastport over the course of the following weeks by taking part in the defense of the town from the goblin fungus, by building a hospital for the town, and by organizing the defense of the town from skeletons in the party’s absence.

According to his own recollections, he has several brothers, some of whom no longer function. He has described a creation story to several members of the party, but it is unclear precisely what he means by much of it. He has stated that he was the first of his kind, however, suggesting that he is the eldest “brother”. He does not appear to worship Bahamut, instead focusing his attention on a person he refers to as “Our Queen”. Again, the nature of this attachment is unclear, but he seems thankful to her for giving him his name.

Aegis wields two waraxes which are triangular in shape. These weapons are extremely heavy and would need to be wielded in two hands by a normal sized person. According to his own words, his armor and weapons are components, which are part of his body. He attests that he has a sense of feeling through both the armor and the weapons. When sheathed, the weapons are integrated into his back.

Aegis appears to have become close friends with Quintilla, who wrote a song about him entitled “Ancient Defender” to assure the villagers of Eastport that Aegis was not an enemy. He has been seen teaching her melee combat, and has been heard to call her little sister. He also seems to like music. Aegis is close with Rheed, who speaks his native language and with whom he resides. Aegis has build a kind of warrior camaraderie with Gelan, which may be related to their similar weapon styles. Ember has demonstrated interest in his physiology and whether or not he is a living being.

Aegis owns a helmet in the shape of a stylized dragon’s head, which he has occasionally worn or used as collateral. He does not seem to understand normal society and has little knowledge of the day-to-day functioning of Arkhosian society.


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