Ancient Defender

Wishing to settle some of the nervousness about Aegis in the town, Quintilla wrote this song and performed it on a busy night in Nigel’s Tavern. In it, she revealed some of Aegis’ history, in the hope of showing the populace that he is a protector and can be trusted.

“So long ago and very near,

We waited to be born.

Our King and Queen awoke us to

A bright and glorious morn.

We lived to serve and served to live,

We stood protective, strong;

We brothers of the metal flesh,

Steadfast for ever long.”

Q and Corbie’s song modulates to something stronger and more purposeful.

“Entrusted with the greatest charge

But overwhelmed somehow,

I still will stand against the foul,

Protective even now.

The cent’ries pass and still I watch,

Until now all alone.

Alight, my eyes and burn, my soul,

There’s work now to be done.

The desecration suffered by

My bretheren I vow

Will not befall these people here

I must protect them now.”

Ancient Defender

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